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5 things yoga has taught me

Yoga is a life long practice.  In order to continue to advance in your practice, understand negativity and self-depricating thoughts will only limit you.  It is not something where you can say you have finally arrived or you have now mastered completely.  Everyone continues to learn and grow no matter where they are in their practice.  These are five things I have already learned in my short stint of practicing yoga.

1. Be Kind to Yourself:  Leave competitiveness off your mat.  There will always be someone stronger, tanner, bendier, and who looks better than you in their yoga pants.

2. Acceptance:  Accept where you are in your practice.  You will continue to get stronger mentally and physically all you have to do is show up.

3. Embrace Discomfort:  Not all of yoga is a euphoric, ice cream eating experience.  You will experience exhaustion and discomfort, but it is in those moments of feeling like you can’t go deeper or you want to quit that you realize how strong you are and how much our bodies are capable of doing.

4. Breathe:  Breath is the most important part of yoga.  Breathing is more important than the pose.  If you can learn to control your breath in really challenging poses, you will be able to control your breathing when those out of control moments in life come up unexpectedly.

5. Welcome the Sweat:  You will sweat more than you have ever in your whole life, especially if you are doing some sort of hot yoga.  Give up the idea of looking cute in your yoga clothes.  Everyone by the end of class, looks like a hot mess.  Also, if you think you can get another use out of your yoga towel, don’t risk it.  As soon as the room heats up, everyone will be wondering where the smell is coming from.  A clean towel is essential.

If anyone is needing some inspiration, here is a video from Kathryn Budig

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