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Putrid Colours

For the last…wow, two months now…I’ve basically become the antithesis of  “embracing colour.” I’ve obstinately been trying to think of all the colours I hate.

  • Originally, the runner up in this sad little game was purple. I had definitively told a former roommate that I disliked her favorite colour. Purple, I thought, was really trying too hard to be cute. Immediately after my bold declaration, however, I discovered that I actually had several purple things in my possession. That very week in fact, I had added a purple sweater AND shirt to my wardrobe. And now most recently, I’ve planned to paint my bedroom purple. Clearly, my decisiveness was misplaced.
  • Then I thought certainly peach would be my  answer. How could anyone like this colour? It’s not really brown. It’s not really pink. It doesn’t even know who it wants to be as a colour. But, then I remembered how good a friend looks in this colour and another has an adorable bag this exact shade. I had to concede that in each of those cases, peach looked both natural and earthy.
  • That left me with the mysterious chartreuse. I thought I abhorred this colour. I thought it looked like semi-digested green vegetables or even worse a squished bug. Later, I purchased my most favorite pants while I was in India. Yes. They are chartreuse.

Why all this colour hatred? Life just hasn’t seemed all that vibrant. I’ve been feeling burnt out, missing my far-flung family and friends, discouraged by the tragedies that seem to accost the people I love on a daily basis. I am not naiively attempting to convert these difficult experiences into happy little occasions or some sort of twisted life lesson by searching for the meaning behind the difficulties. I am struck though with a quote from a TED talk Nancy recently posted.

How do you allow yourself to accept the ugliness of life while seeing those around you suffer? I don’t have this figured out, but perhaps the answer rests in that quote somehow. So for now, I will choose at the very least to acknowledge the putrid colours with the hope that more pleasing colours are ahead…for all of us.

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