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Colour Tracy Chapman’s World

I’ve been obsessed with Tracy Chapman lately. I love her voice. But to be honest, I thought she was dead. Isn’t that horrible!? In my defense, you all know I came to “secular” music rather late in life. So, as far as I knew she was ancient. I had no time context whatsoever in which to place her. I had never really seen any pictures of her except for the little tiny album covers that pop up on Pandora which frankly don’t quite convey a person’s age adequately much less their current life status. What a pleasant surprise to google her and discover she is very much alive and youthful. Even better, I checked out her website; it’s interactive. You literally get to “colour your world.”  Go play on her website! Each link has a new page to colour, and at the same time, you can listen to one of her songs!


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