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a colourizing life

Is is possible to colourize a person? If so, I think Sarah, my sister-in-law, has effectively colourized my family. I don’t mean to say our lives were drab without her, but each of us has certainly been impacted by her. ¬†She’s simultaneously full of strength and warmth, and she shares it with us. It’s been fun to see the progression of her relationship with my brother. Don’t get me wrong, Rob has always been creative and intelligent, but it was as if all the hues in his life deepened and intensified once he met Sarah.

When I was growing up, my mom did this program called Color Me Beautiful. It was designed to help you discover the colours that looked best on you. The premise was that you might look good in some colours, but with the right shade you could look fantastic. So, maybe your eyes are green, but with the right colour pairing your eyes could become vibrantly green. I think that’s the pairing I’ve seen with Sarah and Rob. It’s as if she’s the shade of colour that brings out the little flecks in his eyes that we might not have noticed if it wasn’t for her. Some of the things I’ve seen in him over the years since they’ve been together: he joined a choir, he actually started wearing more colour, he embraced Project Runway, and he became a dad. Just a few things that wouldn’t have happened without her.

Sarah herself embraces new creative ventures fearlessly. She roasts her own coffee beans, makes her own artisan breads, blogs, and creates children’s clothing. In fact, you can order a dress for your very own little one on her Etsy page. Below the pictures taken from her line is her adorable model daughter, Iris:


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