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Failure and Imagination

I owe it to my nephew and niece that I devoured the Harry Potter series as a thirty year old. I can hardly believe that when the first book came out I was already in college. At the time, I dismissed the books outright. I was scared of magic and the dark side of the stories. I was wrong on both counts. The stories include many universal truths that children and adults can personally relate to. The characters have found their way into my heart-even Snape!

In fact, I still think about the characters on occasion, and yes, I even wonder about their emotional health considering all that they have lost. After finishing the last book and now the last movie, I feel a bit like I lost a group of friends. So finding a link on TED to JK Rowling’s commencement address for Harvard was a bit like a reunion for me. Her talk is completely inspiring and well worth your 21 minutes. Unfortunately, it is not captioned, but I did find the transcript!

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