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Remembering 9/11: The Tribute WTC Visitor Center

Melissa and I had the opportunity to go to New York a few years ago. One of our many stops was Ground Zero and The Tribute WTC Visitor Center. As you walk through, you will see no reference of the terrorists that attacked. Their names or faces are no where to be found, and the politics that surround that day are purposely left out. The visitor center is there solely to honor the people that died during 9/11. It is truly a place to reflect on the events of that day and to make what so many of us only saw on the news and radio tangible before our eyes. All of the feelings came back to both me and Melissa as we made our way through pictures and stories of people we will never know. How could the feelings not come back? One part of the center that stopped Mel and I in our tracks was of a firefighter’s coat and hat. It had been burned and ripped, and instantly with one look of that jacket you saw the bravery, fear, and heartache that came to that person’s family.

Fast forward to last week. I was driving to work and was listening to NPR. They have been doing different radio pieces to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of September 11. Audie Cornish was interviewing a man who was an ex-firefigher. As his story unfolds, it turns out the owner of the firefighter jacket and hat was his son. He tells the story better than I do. I am so happy that I happened to be listening to find out more about the owner of the jacket and hat who selflessly sacrificed everything. Please listen to his story of that day: NPR story

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