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Contigo, I think I’m in love with you.

CONTIGO— This travel mug is only for serious coffee drinkers: I repeat, only for serious coffee drinkers.  The contigo does everything it says it does.  I live in MN, and I was walking around yesterday in the -30 wind chill.  My coffee still stayed warm for a good 2 hours after braving the MN weather.  This coffee mug is simply the best mug out there on the market, so if you don’t like to wear your coffee and you prefer your coffee to be where it should be, happily in your mouth, this mug is for you.  Eat your heart out Starbucks.  Your 20.00-30.00 mugs don’t even come close to the Contigo.  You will not regret this purchase!  Yes Contigo, I AM in love with you.

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