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Project Kindergarten: Molded Crayons

As I said in a previous post, Nicole and I are project buddies. Be forewarned. Just as you are about to do right now, Jim will also want to tease us about said project. But, before you know it, he will wander toward the table to check on things and inevitably, end up assisting with at least one phase of the project. Stop by my house during Project Kindergarten, and I dare you to resist playing with us.

On to the project of the day. So … apparently, everyone has melted crayons before? I, on the other hand, have no recollection of ever doing this creative venture unless you count the time in sixth grade when I made Edible Crayons (patent pending) for a science project with my best friend Gina Eskew. While those crayons might have been tastier, these turned out much more aesthetically pleasing. Also, because I was new to the world of repurposing crayons into … well, crayons, I had to find out about them on Pinterest, an addictive idea sharing website. Oh the joys of melted wax. Fantastic project. Fun party favors. What could be better? As always, thanks to Nicole, my craft partner!

Step 1: Purchase crayons. Get the cheaper brand. Since you will be chopping them up AND melting them in a matter of minutes, the better Melissa and Nicole approved Crayolas really aren’t necessary.

Step 2: (Tip from Reluctant Crafter, Jim ) Instead of peeling off the wrappers slowly and painfully–and they do stick horribly, cut the label from top to bottom with a knife. Again, you’ll be melting them soon, so there is absolutely no reason to preserve their pristine outer appearance.

Step 3: Chop up those babies! (Not in the Solomon sense.)

Step 4: Melt the chopped crayons–just not like this. Although in their defense, the colours did run together in quite the psychedelic fashion.

Step 5: Try again! If at first you don’t succeed… These Ikea ice cube trays worked much better, but I don’t plan on making ice in them any time soon. Also, not sure if we inhaled some plastic fumes in the process. I didn’t smell a thing, but I’m sure it was horribly dangerous so don’t say blame me. I say sacrifice for cuteness! Or, just tell me when you find something better, and I’ll use that instead.

Step 6: Let the colour cookies cool completely. (Alliteration gone wild!) Careful, as you pop them out. You don’t want to break any hearts. I made more hearts and used them as party favors, putting them in little envelopes that said , “You bring colour to my heart!” Isn’t that ridiculously cheesy? I love it!

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Tiki Umbrella Wreaths

Nicole and I are project buddies, except so far we haven’t really done anything too…what’s the word…sophisticated (That was for you, Joby). Mostly, we are reliving our childhoods or trying to recreate the crafts we somehow missed out on during our first trip through elementary art class. We’ve dyed easter eggs, carved pumpkins, and planned cheery outfits together. We are simply suckers for colour. She is the one that helped me figure out that I needed to keep things in their proper rainbow order and she’s right–my coffee cups have never been happier.

On this particular Saturday, we created tiki umbrella wreaths. I found this project on Family Chic’s website. Check out her larger version!

Step 1: Buy Tiki Umbrellas (Raid the Dollar Store for every last package. Then, promptly ignore Target clerks that say they don’t carry any.) Buy plain wicker wreaths. We used the small ones because we were convinced we wouldn’t have enough umbrellas. I think a large wreath would give you a bit more surface area to work with but the small ones are sweet too.

 Step 2: Poke the umbrellas through the wicker wreaths, overlapping slightly to get dimension.  Mind your fingers. Tiki umbrellas are sharp! Is this really a kid’s project?

Step 3: Cut off the excess sticks. Tie a ribbon around the completed project, and voila summer wreath!

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