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American Sign Language Colourized My World

I am being sappy. I am aware. But really, has that ever stopped me?

I went to the Children’s Museum in Saint Paul earlier this summer and snapped this photo. I keep coming back to it, and finally I realized why. It reminds me of how much I am indebted to the Deaf Community and the gift of American Sign Language (ASL). Almost every good thing that I’m experiencing professionally and even personally has been a direct result of the impact that both have had in my life. Whether or not I am an interpreter for the remainder of my days is inconsequential, I am forever grateful that I get to be a part of this amazing community of people. Group Hug!

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Rap and Sign Language Coalesce

I was chatting with my co-workers Jules and Maria today at work about a conference they were able to attend.  Maria and Jules shared that there was a deaf finnish rapper at the conference.  Maria was able to go to the forum to see him perform, and she said he was amazing.  Watch for yourself.  Signmark is the first deaf person to actually get a record deal with a music company.  Watch his vlogs to find out about his journey, and don’t worry for the signing impaired people there are captions available.

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