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Beautiful Gaudi: Park Güell

As many of you know, I went to Spain this summer.  I was initially really excited about all of the blog posts I could do from my trip and simultaneously feeling paralyzed because of everything I saw.  I wasn’t sure where to start or what to pick.  I decided to go through my pictures, and pick pictures that correspond to the spirit of our blog.  Instantly, I knew where I needed to start:  Antoni Gaudí.  You can’t go anywhere in Spain without seeing the hand of Gaudi.  He has shaped, constructed, and influenced the feel and style of Barcelona.  His creativity and forward thinking has left an indelible mark.  The first place I will start is Park Güell.

Colour is everywhere in this quaint park:  bright flowers, vivid mosaics that put Philly to shame, and of course people as different as all of the pieces of glass that make up his mosaics, all gathering in one location to be apart of his artwork.  People say his architecture and art is, dare I say, gaudy.  I think his architecture is out of this world.  Anytime I was looking at his artwork, I would remind myself this art was from the early 1900s!  He was ahead of his time and embraced who he was without shame.   I think many people might think his art work was out of control; however, even in the midst of his jaw dropping, chaotic pieces there is calm and a strong sense of control.  Here in Park Güell is where he displays control and subtlety to lure the viewer through his space.  The balcony that overlooks the park is very plain on the outside, compared to some of his other work, yet underneath the balcony there are these beautiful mosaics that adorn the underbelly.  I love that you have to traverse all parts of his architecture.  He forces you to interact with the space.  There is always something to find, always meaning hidden in his controlled chaos.

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Apple Cider, Apple Brats, Apple Pie, oh my!

There is nothing like fall weather and going to the apple orchard with your friends!  Not to mention all of the great photo opportunities!  We had a blast running around the orchard and most importantly eating!  We had apple cider brats, apple pie with ice cream, apple slices with carmel, delicious wine, and not to mention delicious kettle corn!  Joby introduced us to this apple paradise, and we are so grateful to her!  We made some great desserts with our finds!  I will post them later!

HDR: Maximize COLOUR

This is my first HDR picture I took in Torla, Spain.

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A Toast to the Big Apple: You are one of a kind.

New York, New York we miss you!  We will back soon!

Luminous Prayer Flags

In many religions of the world, collective prayers are often lifted in an audible form, but there is often a visual form as well. Candles are lit, altars are raised, monuments built. There’s something about seeing a physical representation of a person’s prayer that I find awe-inspiring. Tibetan Buddhists are no exception. They raise prayer flags in high spaces, streaming them across the mountainside, lifting prayers for others: for peace, for protection, for happiness. Seeing what must be hundreds of thousands of flags fluttering in the wind, knowing the many people they represent, is one of the most spectacular sites I have ever seen.




In the evening or early morning, the flags are just as beautiful and serene. 20110910-074653.jpg

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Lavender Galore

What do these Lavender fields in France have to do with….

this DELICIOUS Ice Cream Cone?

Lavender of course!

I recently was lucky enough to tour south central France during lavender season.  To be honest the whole experience was surreal.  I don’t think I have ever seen anything as beautiful as rows and rows of purple stretching across a rolling landscape.  A month before I left, I was obsessed with looking at photos online of all of the lavender I could potentially see during my visit.  All I could imagine was me running in fields of lavender.  Okay that was a bit dramatic, but all that to say, I had visions of me in these lavender fields.  Seth and I were telling the lady that owned the hotel, where we were staying, that we were planning on getting in the car and doing a tour of the lavender fields.  Under her breath she says, “they have been cut.”

Instantly, I was depressed because I had been thinking about these purple fields for months.  As you can see, they were not cut, and many of the fields were blooming magnificently.  Now, you are probably wondering how lavender and ice cream go together.  Well, after my trip I was sick of going to the same ice cream places in town.  I decided to venture out and try a new ice cream parlor.  Lo and  behold tucked away in South Minneapolis is the best ice cream in the cities, and they make this delicious, understated lavender flavored ice cream.  If you live in Minneapolis and you have not tried Pumphouse Creamery, try their ice cream. You will not regret it! Another flavor that they are famous for is their sea salt and carmel ice cream. One word: YUM

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Cryssy’s COLOURFUL Wedding

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My friend Cryssy had one of the most fun, whimsical, entertaining weddings I have ever attended.  They couldn’t have picked a more beautiful location in Montana.  Shane and Cryssy certainly know how to throw a party!   They celebrated their nuptials Montana style in a barn with the mountains as a back drop.  Cryssy did not skimp in the details of this wedding.  She had face painting, caricature drawings, a magician, flame throwers, a ring master announcing all of the activities, hayrides with Clydesdale horses and a cowboy to boot!  Here are a few pictures taken by Seth.  You can see we had a great time and truly felt honored to be part of their great day.  Cryssy and Shane I wish you a life time of fun and happiness.  If your wedding is an indicator of your relationship, which I know it is, you have many years of adventure and COLOUR ahead of you!  I love you both!

If you are curious of any of their vendors, here is a list below.

Barn:  Lazy B Farm

Face painting/Ring master: Cryssy’s very own business, Cryssy’s Characters

Almost Thrown to the Wolves: Mormon Loop and National Trail

Melissa and I had the opportunity to go to Arizona for a work conference. Of course, the two of us had to do something adventurous! We decided we would go mountain biking for the first time. Now we didn’t really pay attention to the fact that it was over 100 degrees in Arizona, nor did we think about the possibility of us getting injured or dying on this little adventure. I have run one full marathon and Melissa has done several, so we thought how hard could this really be?

Cute Helmets?


Mountain Bike?




From the photos below you can see how positive we look about our decision.

Melissa is thinking this bike is so cute, can’t we just ride this mountain biking? Anyway, we realized we had everything figured out except where we would take our newly rented mountain bikes.

The conversation went like this.

Nancy and Melissa:  So….we rented these bikes where do you suggest we go?

Worker:  Oh there is this great trail called the Mormon Loop and National Trail. You should totally do it.

Nancy and Melissa:  You think we can do it?

Worker:  Ya, you will be fine!

HA!  That guy was a liar!!!

In that moment we were feeling positive and ready for our adventure!  We got a map and made our way to the trail head.  I’m sure it was obvious that the two of us had no idea what we were doing. Maybe it was the two of us pulled over on the trail looking at the map very confused that gave us away, but luckily we met this guy.  I can’t remember his name right now, but he pulled over and had the sense to ask us if we knew what we were doing. In most cases I would be really offended, but my gut told me he was looking out for us.

Now introducing a good samaritan:  a software guy I think….

As you can see Melissa is feeling extremely grateful to this guy for warning us about the Mormon Loop and National Trail.

This is our conversation:

Software guy:  Hey, have the two of you been mountain biking before?

Nancy and Mel:  A little bit offended but terrified on the inside.  Instead of being offended the two of us honestly say nope!

Software guy:  Where were you thinking of biking?

Nancy and Mel:  Oh, you know the Mormon Loop and National Trail.  Trying to sound like we knew what we were talking about.

Software guy:  You will die if you go on that trail.  I am not kidding.

Nancy and Mel:  Serious?

Software guy:  People fly from all over the world to bike that trail because it is so technical.

Nancy and Mel:  Instantly getting mad at bike worker guy for sending us to the wolves!!!   What was he thinking!!  What an idiot!

Software guy:   I can take you on the bunny hills.  (Which again I would be normally insulted but commonsense was starting to sink in.)

Nancy and Mel:  Very appreciative and take him up on his offer.

Now I know many of you are thinking Nancy and Mel why are you trusting this software guy?  He could be a killer!!!!! Well I guess that would have been good to think about at the time, but honestly that just only now occurred to me.  hmmm….

That would be me and Melissa on our bunny hill experience.  I have to tell you the little bunny hills were terrifying!  As you can see we’re pretty much biking in a rock garden.  I’m pretty sure Melissa and I screamed down every hill.  Could you imagine what Mormon Loop and National Trail were like???

Wait!  You don’t have to imagine!  I have a video of a guy biking Mormon Loop and National Trail.  Just watching it makes me so thankful we ran into our software samaritan!

Description: National trail can be ascended or decended. Both require expert skills and fitness. You cannot and will not find a climb this technical, challenging and fun in AZ. It will kick your ass and you’ll love every turn of the peddle. You can ride this trail 365 but, beware of mid afternoon temps in the summer, “There are birds that will pick your bones clean.”

(Taken from single tracks)

Colourful Wisconsin?

I thought you could only see colours like this in Alaska.  Just when I thought the only colours in Wisconsin were green and gold, I find a picture like this.  Wisconsin always surprises me….

Wisconsin Aurora

Photograph by Brian Larmay

To see more breathtaking Aurora pictures click on the photographer’s name or the picture.

colourize your CITY

The incredible artists of Favela Painting are committed to making Brazilian favelas (Portuguese word for slum) more aesthetically pleasing where they otherwise would have been neglected due to racism, poverty, or other social barriers. Favela Painting also solicits help from local youth and the community at large to work with them to accomplish their grand scale art works. In doing so, the community benefits from income during the project and increased national attention after the project is completed. Below is the fantastic Santa Marta square in Brazil. Check out their website to see their other amazing projects and learn how you can become a partner. Do you think Minneapolis would let me paint my house like this? Tan is seeming incredibly dull comparatively!

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