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Who Needs Candy When You Can Have Cranberry Chèvre

The holiday season is here, and my life is complete. Trader Joes is once again offering their delightful Cranberry Chèvre:

“This tongue tantalizing, visually appealing bûche de bonheur (“log of bliss”) is a French-American cheese fusion perfect for a fête. We start with a fresh, creamy goat cheese log made according to traditional techniques from quality milk collected on independent family farms in Wisconsin. Then we hand-roll it in vibrant candied cranberries. The tartness of the berries complements the natural tanginess of the cheese. Perfect for an amuse-bouche or paired with post-meal port, this cheese delights at $3.99 for each eight ounce log.”

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Cake Pop Art

I thought it was pretty hilarious when my three year old nephew told my sister he wanted a cake pop. It was as if his request was as normal as asking for a glass of milk or a piece of cheese.

I said, you know what a cake pop is??

He just looked at me as if I insulted his intelligence. Duh, of course he knew about cake pops. I always thought they were really dumb. I get annoyed when people are in line at starbucks and their order goes a little something like, yeah, I will have a grande, three pump, 4 shot, no foam, extra hot latte and a cake pop.

Why do adults eat them?  They are an overpriced, bird-size portion. Is it that people feel better about themselves because unlike you they didn’t order a cheese danish. Hey loser with your 500 calorie breakfast, don’t you wish you would have ordered a cake pop? I have so much control unlike you, big fatty, fatty, two by four.

All of this cake pop bashing to say, I am now obsessed with cake pops.  My co-worker showed me this woman’s website.  She is the diva of cake pops.  Seriously, they are works of art. I am now a cake pop convert, and if I ever get a chance to eat these cake pops there is no way I am just having one.

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Rainbow Cake of Disaster

At least 2 years ago (pre-Colourize), Nancy found this delightful rainbow cake idea online, and immediately told me that we would need to make it. She was right, and so we did earlier this summer. It really is the most beautiful cake…while in process. It’s the final product that’s a bit questionable…at least this time around.

That’s where you should know something about the two of us. The first time around at nearly everything, we will almost never get it right. It’s not for lack of trying mind you. In fact, this recipe disorder dates back as far as I can remember. One summer for example while I was still in high school, I nannied for two young girls. Their mother knew my inability to be a first time success, so when she would ask us to make brownies she would leave two boxes of the brownie mix behind. One for my first try, and the other to replace the inevitable inedible concoction.

The Rainbow Cake was no exception. It started out so gloriously, which is maybe where the problems began. I tend to be simultaneously overly confident and obnoxiously uncertain at any given moment. This is what the process looks like in my head:

Step #1 Add the Layers: Anxiety Ridden

I’m nervous. Oh gosh, I’m going to fail. I can’t make a fricking cake. How are you adding the batter, Nancy? Shoot, I splattered some. I ruined it. This is going to be the worst cake ever. I’m NOTHING! (flash back to Black Swan but less violent)

Step #2 Pre-Oven: Cautiously Optimistic

Hey, they don’t look as bad as I thought they would. Maybe we have a chance. Maybe I can dream again. There IS hope!

Step #3 Post-Oven: Cocky S.O.B

Gasp! Look at them! They are gorgeous. Oh my gosh. This is going to be the best cake ever. We are going to be professional bakers. Martha Stewart will hire us to work in her test kitchen. We are going to own our own cake shop. In New York! Celebrities will buy cakes from us for their snotty children named Broccoli and Toronto!

Step #5 Out of the Pan: What the …?

I am a complete and utter idiot. Why did I even try? I am never going to try anything new, ever again! Life is a graveyard of…. you get the idea. I basically go down the tried and true Anne of Green Gables route of over-dramatic histrionics.

Final Presentation: Back to the Middle.

Ok, so this didn’t turn out like it was supposed to. It’s a little quite dry, but at least it’s a bit fun to look at now. That’s something, right?

Moral of the Story:

I know what you think I’m going to say, “Try, try again.” Or “Never give up.” Blah, blah, blah. No, no, I prefer “Ice cream covers a multitude of sins.”

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Cranberries: The Fruit, The Festival & The Band

In early October, my Aunt Sandy and I took a beautiful fall drive to the Cranberry Festival in Warrens, Wisconsin. I have never seen so many cranberry related items in all my life. Cranberry Wine. Cranberry Apple Crisp. Cranberry Brats. Cranberry Preserves. Cranberry Everything!

All of this cranberry talk got me to thinking about THE Cranberries. Remember them? Zombie, zombie, zomb-A-A-A. Ya, those guys. I decided I should stalk them on the internet, and guess what? They coincidentally have a new album coming out next year, called Roses. To get a free copy of one of their new songs, click on this link for a little free Cranberry love.

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Apple Cider, Apple Brats, Apple Pie, oh my!

There is nothing like fall weather and going to the apple orchard with your friends!  Not to mention all of the great photo opportunities!  We had a blast running around the orchard and most importantly eating!  We had apple cider brats, apple pie with ice cream, apple slices with carmel, delicious wine, and not to mention delicious kettle corn!  Joby introduced us to this apple paradise, and we are so grateful to her!  We made some great desserts with our finds!  I will post them later!

Rainbow Fruits and Veggies

My mom always taught me that when you serve a meal you should be certain to have a variety of colours represented. Turns out the American Cancer Society in a recent IBN article agrees with a colourful plate as well–not just for its aesthetic quality but also for its nutritional value. Similar to the stock market, it’s wise to diversify. A variety of colourful fresh foods can ward off a multitude of illnesses. So listen to my mother and say YES to rainbow foods. Here’s to a cheerful menu!

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Colourful Cubano

Victor’s 1959 Cafe hands down is my favorite restaurant to get breakfast.  I crave their Cuban Hash, Mango waffles, and Yuca.  For those of you who don’t know Cuban cuisine, let me define the above terms for you.

Cuban Hash: n.  (ˈkjuːbən hash)    An array of such unique flavors that your mouth will not know what to do.  Another term that has been used is crack cocaine and bomb diggity.   Very good with corn toritillas

Yuca: n. (yuhk-uh)  A delicious vegetable covered in garlic goodness that you will not be able to stop eating, also good with the Cuban Hash.  Eating this combination has been known to create a feeling of complete happiness and bliss.

Mango Waffles: n. (mang-goh wof-uhl) Fresh mangos on top of perfect waffles with mango drizzle and cinnamon sprinkle topped off with fresh whipped cream and a free ticket to heaven.

Victor’s has kept its authentic feel, with its cozy atmosphere and graffiti all over the walls.  Make sure you enjoy a cafe con leche or a guava mimosa to start off your morning right.  Know you will probably have a wait, but it is time well spent.  You will leave planning your next visit.  If you have been to Victor’s, what have you tried?  Inquiring bellies want to know.

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Future Owner of the Good Ship Lollipop

I told my mother when I was little that my three favorite foods were Sugar, Brown Sugar, and Powdered Sugar. My dentist adored me. I actually remember wishing that I was more like my little friend in middle school whose favorite food was raw artichoke leaves. I’m still amazed by that. She clearly had advanced taste buds. Meanwhile I thought the world would be perfect if only Skittles had nutritional value. Instead, I developed an affinity for the finer things of life: refined sugar.

In high school my best chum Joy and I developed the associated skills with consuming candy correctly. Yes, there is a proper way to eat the various candy groups (sour, powdered, chocolate, etc.). There may be those among us that can tell you how to drink a glass of wine without offending the bourgeoisie, but as a candy aficionado, I can definitively tell you there is only way to eat a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or a Twix Caramel Bar. (Tutoring is available upon request.)

As I’ve matured (read: aged), I’ve tried to cut back on my lovely little delicacies, but occasionally I find myself wandering back to the candy aisle to mingle with the sweet treats. Fun Dip. Sour Patch Kids. Pop Rocks. Big League Chew. Candy Necklaces. Could there be anything more … sigh…delightful? You can imagine my favorite movie, I’m sure. Perhaps my true destiny is to open a candy shop!

Thanks to Nancy and Jim who took the photos below of my candy buffet. Please note: It is called a candy buffet.  A candy bar while a fun pun is just too confusing. Jim thought I was serving a single candy bar for dessert. I think his exact words were, “Well, that’s a little random.”

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Lavender Galore

What do these Lavender fields in France have to do with….

this DELICIOUS Ice Cream Cone?

Lavender of course!

I recently was lucky enough to tour south central France during lavender season.  To be honest the whole experience was surreal.  I don’t think I have ever seen anything as beautiful as rows and rows of purple stretching across a rolling landscape.  A month before I left, I was obsessed with looking at photos online of all of the lavender I could potentially see during my visit.  All I could imagine was me running in fields of lavender.  Okay that was a bit dramatic, but all that to say, I had visions of me in these lavender fields.  Seth and I were telling the lady that owned the hotel, where we were staying, that we were planning on getting in the car and doing a tour of the lavender fields.  Under her breath she says, “they have been cut.”

Instantly, I was depressed because I had been thinking about these purple fields for months.  As you can see, they were not cut, and many of the fields were blooming magnificently.  Now, you are probably wondering how lavender and ice cream go together.  Well, after my trip I was sick of going to the same ice cream places in town.  I decided to venture out and try a new ice cream parlor.  Lo and  behold tucked away in South Minneapolis is the best ice cream in the cities, and they make this delicious, understated lavender flavored ice cream.  If you live in Minneapolis and you have not tried Pumphouse Creamery, try their ice cream. You will not regret it! Another flavor that they are famous for is their sea salt and carmel ice cream. One word: YUM

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Thank God for Italians!

I actually bought some herbs this summer, and the shocking thing is I haven’t killed them!  Pepper is not sure whether to eat them or lick them, so instead she just sits by the window and sniffs them.  I made a caprese salad with some heirloom tomatoes.  My title should say, thank God for Italians and heirloom tomatoes!

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