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Do GIRLZ run the world?

I am always stunned and caught off guard when people make comments like racism is gone, we have a black president.  People also like to make sweeping generalizations about gender as well.  Women are doctors, lawyers, police officers, etc., there isn’t sexism anymore .  Women get diluted when they are very young with “talk” about how girls and boys are equal, but the reality hits hard when they find themselves educated and in their professional career and are making less than a man in that same position despite equal qualifications.

My dad always treated me and my sister like he would a son.  He played basketball with us, he told us we could do anything we wanted, but unfortunately if there are systems in place that actively or passively discriminate against women, all the wishful, positive thinking isn’t going to breakdown the barrier of oppression.

Nicolas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn are co-authors of Half the Sky, and the two of them wrote this book to bring awareness about the oppression of women all over the globe.  Their book confirms over and over again that education is the most effective tool for women to control their fate and destiny.  I would advocate not only women obtaining education,  but also educating the public about the gender disparities that still go on today despite the many advances that have taken place.

The below video is a girl challenging the lyrics in Beyonce’s song run the world (girls).  Do Girlz really run the world?  What is the reality of being female in the 21st century?

gaining a new perspective

Andrew Wonder definitely goes off the beaten path to gain different perspectives.  He is a true adventure and truth seeker. His curiosity has led him all over the world from the sewers of New York, the catacombs of Italy and France, and the tops of bridges.  I see Andrew’s art as a gift to those of us that will never get to see the world from the vantage points he has so bravely captured.


St. Paul Utility Tunnels Diptych, St. Paul, MN 

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Williamsburg Bridge, View through Tower Arch 

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Manhattan Bridge from Tower Midpoint, 2008

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Our COLOURFUL human planet

Link Source: BBC Human Planet


The BBC has created an eight part series that brings us all over the world to see amazing places, traditions that have been untouched, and the beauty of humanity.  Timothy Allan, a photographer, took breathtaking pictures along the way.  Please check out his blog and see his artwork.  His pictures are quite spectacular, and he really went to great lengths to get many of his shots along the way.

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thriving in winter

This last week has been gorgeous in Minnesota, a striking contrast to last week’s -15 actual temperatures. After what had seemed like months of harsh weather and overcast days, even the heartiest among us had begun to falter.


One evening when the wind was especially cruel, I had the opportunity to hear a famous Chinese musician, Zhao Jiazhen, perform at the Loring Theater in Minneapolis. She plays the guqin, a 3,000 year old instrument, enriched in its reflection of Chinese culture and history. One song that was fittingly added to the set list was inspired by the plum flower which is known to thrive in winter.  To think that such a seemingly “delicate” plant has the fortitude to not only withstand the cold, but also has the courage to produce flowers in the midst of a snow storm is breathtaking. Coincidentally, that same week a good friend called to share a quote that just so happens to parallel the beauty of the plum flower:

While the difficulties we face might be chilling and overwhelming and while we may want to give up, somewhere hidden within us lies our resiliency ready to bloom.


***For some truly incredible photos of the plum flower blooming under a blanket of snow, check out photographer Shi Chen.***

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