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Cake Pop Art

I thought it was pretty hilarious when my three year old nephew told my sister he wanted a cake pop. It was as if his request was as normal as asking for a glass of milk or a piece of cheese.

I said, you know what a cake pop is??

He just looked at me as if I insulted his intelligence. Duh, of course he knew about cake pops. I always thought they were really dumb. I get annoyed when people are in line at starbucks and their order goes a little something like, yeah, I will have a grande, three pump, 4 shot, no foam, extra hot latte and a cake pop.

Why do adults eat them?  They are an overpriced, bird-size portion. Is it that people feel better about themselves because unlike you they didn’t order a cheese danish. Hey loser with your 500 calorie breakfast, don’t you wish you would have ordered a cake pop? I have so much control unlike you, big fatty, fatty, two by four.

All of this cake pop bashing to say, I am now obsessed with cake pops.  My co-worker showed me this woman’s website.  She is the diva of cake pops.  Seriously, they are works of art. I am now a cake pop convert, and if I ever get a chance to eat these cake pops there is no way I am just having one.

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Beautiful Gaudi: Park Güell

As many of you know, I went to Spain this summer.  I was initially really excited about all of the blog posts I could do from my trip and simultaneously feeling paralyzed because of everything I saw.  I wasn’t sure where to start or what to pick.  I decided to go through my pictures, and pick pictures that correspond to the spirit of our blog.  Instantly, I knew where I needed to start:  Antoni Gaudí.  You can’t go anywhere in Spain without seeing the hand of Gaudi.  He has shaped, constructed, and influenced the feel and style of Barcelona.  His creativity and forward thinking has left an indelible mark.  The first place I will start is Park Güell.

Colour is everywhere in this quaint park:  bright flowers, vivid mosaics that put Philly to shame, and of course people as different as all of the pieces of glass that make up his mosaics, all gathering in one location to be apart of his artwork.  People say his architecture and art is, dare I say, gaudy.  I think his architecture is out of this world.  Anytime I was looking at his artwork, I would remind myself this art was from the early 1900s!  He was ahead of his time and embraced who he was without shame.   I think many people might think his art work was out of control; however, even in the midst of his jaw dropping, chaotic pieces there is calm and a strong sense of control.  Here in Park Güell is where he displays control and subtlety to lure the viewer through his space.  The balcony that overlooks the park is very plain on the outside, compared to some of his other work, yet underneath the balcony there are these beautiful mosaics that adorn the underbelly.  I love that you have to traverse all parts of his architecture.  He forces you to interact with the space.  There is always something to find, always meaning hidden in his controlled chaos.

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Doggie Glamour Shots

My friends know that I love taking pictures of dogs.  I always joke around saying that they are getting doggie glamour shots.  Mordi and Pepper were my latest victims….


Kolourize your Kicks: from Drab to Fab

Seth found this girl on Reddit that paints shoes.  She COLOURIZES her world by creating her own unique look, brilliantly displayed on whatever brand of canvas your feet so desires.  If you would like your own customized, colourful kicks, check out the original post and her site where you can place an order and see some more of her shoe art.  I admire people that put themselves out there and take chances.  She is definitely being bold and getting results.  If you have an idea, why not try?  The Shoes just may line up….

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Nancy’s Nifty Fifty

I just bought my first prime lens, and I am in love with my little nifty fifty.  I bought canon’s classic Canon EF 50mm f 1.8.  It takes the sharpest pictures all for 110.60 on Amazon.    I know it isn’t a professional lens; however, it takes really nice pictures.  What I love about this lens is that because it is a fixed focal length, it forces you to move your feet and take different perspectives that maybe you wouldn’t have seen if you could just use your zoom.  Here are a few pics I took with my new lens.

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Project Kindergarten: Molded Crayons

As I said in a previous post, Nicole and I are project buddies. Be forewarned. Just as you are about to do right now, Jim will also want to tease us about said project. But, before you know it, he will wander toward the table to check on things and inevitably, end up assisting with at least one phase of the project. Stop by my house during Project Kindergarten, and I dare you to resist playing with us.

On to the project of the day. So … apparently, everyone has melted crayons before? I, on the other hand, have no recollection of ever doing this creative venture unless you count the time in sixth grade when I made Edible Crayons (patent pending) for a science project with my best friend Gina Eskew. While those crayons might have been tastier, these turned out much more aesthetically pleasing. Also, because I was new to the world of repurposing crayons into … well, crayons, I had to find out about them on Pinterest, an addictive idea sharing website. Oh the joys of melted wax. Fantastic project. Fun party favors. What could be better? As always, thanks to Nicole, my craft partner!

Step 1: Purchase crayons. Get the cheaper brand. Since you will be chopping them up AND melting them in a matter of minutes, the better Melissa and Nicole approved Crayolas really aren’t necessary.

Step 2: (Tip from Reluctant Crafter, Jim ) Instead of peeling off the wrappers slowly and painfully–and they do stick horribly, cut the label from top to bottom with a knife. Again, you’ll be melting them soon, so there is absolutely no reason to preserve their pristine outer appearance.

Step 3: Chop up those babies! (Not in the Solomon sense.)

Step 4: Melt the chopped crayons–just not like this. Although in their defense, the colours did run together in quite the psychedelic fashion.

Step 5: Try again! If at first you don’t succeed… These Ikea ice cube trays worked much better, but I don’t plan on making ice in them any time soon. Also, not sure if we inhaled some plastic fumes in the process. I didn’t smell a thing, but I’m sure it was horribly dangerous so don’t say blame me. I say sacrifice for cuteness! Or, just tell me when you find something better, and I’ll use that instead.

Step 6: Let the colour cookies cool completely. (Alliteration gone wild!) Careful, as you pop them out. You don’t want to break any hearts. I made more hearts and used them as party favors, putting them in little envelopes that said , “You bring colour to my heart!” Isn’t that ridiculously cheesy? I love it!

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Lavender Galore

What do these Lavender fields in France have to do with….

this DELICIOUS Ice Cream Cone?

Lavender of course!

I recently was lucky enough to tour south central France during lavender season.  To be honest the whole experience was surreal.  I don’t think I have ever seen anything as beautiful as rows and rows of purple stretching across a rolling landscape.  A month before I left, I was obsessed with looking at photos online of all of the lavender I could potentially see during my visit.  All I could imagine was me running in fields of lavender.  Okay that was a bit dramatic, but all that to say, I had visions of me in these lavender fields.  Seth and I were telling the lady that owned the hotel, where we were staying, that we were planning on getting in the car and doing a tour of the lavender fields.  Under her breath she says, “they have been cut.”

Instantly, I was depressed because I had been thinking about these purple fields for months.  As you can see, they were not cut, and many of the fields were blooming magnificently.  Now, you are probably wondering how lavender and ice cream go together.  Well, after my trip I was sick of going to the same ice cream places in town.  I decided to venture out and try a new ice cream parlor.  Lo and  behold tucked away in South Minneapolis is the best ice cream in the cities, and they make this delicious, understated lavender flavored ice cream.  If you live in Minneapolis and you have not tried Pumphouse Creamery, try their ice cream. You will not regret it! Another flavor that they are famous for is their sea salt and carmel ice cream. One word: YUM

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Tiki Umbrella Wreaths

Nicole and I are project buddies, except so far we haven’t really done anything too…what’s the word…sophisticated (That was for you, Joby). Mostly, we are reliving our childhoods or trying to recreate the crafts we somehow missed out on during our first trip through elementary art class. We’ve dyed easter eggs, carved pumpkins, and planned cheery outfits together. We are simply suckers for colour. She is the one that helped me figure out that I needed to keep things in their proper rainbow order and she’s right–my coffee cups have never been happier.

On this particular Saturday, we created tiki umbrella wreaths. I found this project on Family Chic’s website. Check out her larger version!

Step 1: Buy Tiki Umbrellas (Raid the Dollar Store for every last package. Then, promptly ignore Target clerks that say they don’t carry any.) Buy plain wicker wreaths. We used the small ones because we were convinced we wouldn’t have enough umbrellas. I think a large wreath would give you a bit more surface area to work with but the small ones are sweet too.

 Step 2: Poke the umbrellas through the wicker wreaths, overlapping slightly to get dimension.  Mind your fingers. Tiki umbrellas are sharp! Is this really a kid’s project?

Step 3: Cut off the excess sticks. Tie a ribbon around the completed project, and voila summer wreath!

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Rap and Sign Language Coalesce

I was chatting with my co-workers Jules and Maria today at work about a conference they were able to attend.  Maria and Jules shared that there was a deaf finnish rapper at the conference.  Maria was able to go to the forum to see him perform, and she said he was amazing.  Watch for yourself.  Signmark is the first deaf person to actually get a record deal with a music company.  Watch his vlogs to find out about his journey, and don’t worry for the signing impaired people there are captions available.

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The Indomitable Spirit of the May Day Parade

My favorite part of living in Minnesota is the way we embrace spring. I tell myself if it didn’t get this cold, I wouldn’t appreciate spring nearly as much. Every May 1st, the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre welcomes spring along with thousands of others at their annual May Day Parade. This was my third time attending, and it was by far the coldest. I was wearing long underwear. We had snow flurries. Still, the artistry of the costumes, the floats, and the music made the three layers of blankets worth it. I was completely inspired.  Please, the people and dog watching alone kept me entertained during the blustery day!

(Nancy, Joby, and I took the pictures below.)


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