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Colour Changes Everything


Have you seen this design recently?

I bet you have.

Look up the next time you are in Target and you will get to see this little piece of colour candy.

And you thought you were there only for toilet paper!


Also, Target’s most recent “Colour Changes Everything” ad is making me happy. Take a look.

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Colourful Laundry Soap

I was walking around target, getting tempted to buy everything in sight when I forced myself to focus on the task at hand: laundry soap.  I laughed when I saw Cheer, a colourful laundry soap, and its slogan to “stay colourful.”  I immediately texted Melissa the pics, and I don’t know but I think we may be on to something….


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Killing Time


Too much? Ok, ok, I’ll begrudgingly admit I was a tad over-zealous. But how could I not be? Aren’t these inter-changeable watch bands totally rad? It gets better. They are slap-ons! As my neighbor kid says you can tell they slap on because of how nicely they wrap around the wrist. I couldn’t agree more. I discovered mine at Marshall’s, but you can get yours online here.


(My clothing and accessories are  in rainbow order~for Nicole.)

Colourful Flight

Jim and I went to the Air Expo on a delightfully hot day in July. I surprised him with tickets, and admittedly I wasn’t particularly invested in the joys of aviation. Much to my surprise, shortly after we arrived I found plane after plane with vibrant aesthetics, including this first colourful plane. Lynn O’Jala and her husband Denny O’Connell built it together.  Ten days after they finished their second plane, a twin to the one below, he passed away. It is absolutely tragic that his life ended so early, and yet it’s beautiful that he was able to fulfill his dream before he died. Even more incredible is that his wife was left with the lasting legacy of their love for one another.


Plane 92

Photo Reflection



20110823-064907.jpgI’m thinking of putting some wheels like this on my Lancer.

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Colourize Your Cubicle

In the age of call centers and online businesses, we’ve probably all experienced the drab life of the cubicle, where creativity becomes white washed with the backdrop of uniformity. Nancy and I happen to share a cubicle at the University. Rather than accepting the status quo, we ran to Ikea to brighten up the place with affordable decorations and fabric. Goodbye, doldrums.

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Colour Coordinating with Your Environment

Jim and I left for Florida yesterday, leaving our house at 4:15. In the morning. It was a little rough, waking up at 3:30, but I’m grateful. Otherwise I would never have known that Southwest coordinated their colours with the sunrise. Isn’t it just so gorgeous?



Colourize Your Photos

An alternate title to this post could be, “How Instagram changed my iPhotos” or “Why I Should Listen to Nancy.” Yes, she recently told me about this great program on the iPhone, and I’m pretty sure I told her I already had the equivalent app. “Yea, yea, it’s great,” I said dismissively. I did have an app…just not the one and only Instagram. My apparent off brand app was the kind where you are forced to take photos while using that particular app, rather than simply using your regular iPhone camera. So, I was often stuck with whatever filter I happened to apply at the time I took the picture, meaning that I only occasionally had a successful result.

Then everything changed. I downloaded the one and only Instagram for myself and now I can’t stop making all of my cell phone photos look 100x better. Aren’t these so cute? And I don’t even need to upload them to some fancy photo editing software on my computer. With a click of a button from my phone, I can transform a seemingly mundane photo into something a bit more dreamy and sentimental. I might have thought my random picture was fun before, but now with an added filter it becomes nostalgic. Totally worth the free price I paid. So, listen to Nancy’s expert advice and download immediately.

Hey, wait a minute, now that I think about it, I believe my sister-in-law Sarah also told me about this app, and I obviously didn’t listen to her either. Maybe an even better title for this post should be, “Why You Need to Force Melissa to Pay Attention.” Public Service Announcement: If you have told Melissa about an idea, and she has promptly ignored you, please try again. Or shake her out of her stupor. Or hit her over the head. Or purchase a bilboard that she will pass daily for seven months. Please. I don’t want to miss out on anymore magical ideas!












Tea, Hospitality, and Tranquility


I travelled to India with the University earlier this summer. Soon after arriving, our group quickly acclimated to the custom of having frequent tea breaks. While touring one of the Tibetan monasteries, for example, we were served tea–not just once but twice. When I was out shopping in the market and being indecisive, the owner sent his assistant to another shop to buy tea while I contemplated scarves. During intermittent breaks from classes, our group was offered tea and cookies. Another shopkeeper preferred to give up his own cup  to me rather than eat his dinner in front of me. This gentle act of hospitality was humbling.


I’m starting to realize that maybe serving and receiving tea is not only an act of generosity, but also an intentional time for tranquility-for slowing down. I recently read the post by Scott Dinsmore on the zenhabits blog that when we are constantly running around, we don’t allow our minds the space to be creative. If we are constantly bombarded with new ideas, how can we ever have a chance to create our own? Perhaps tea will help combat my creative funks and better yet my distractibility.


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