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Golfing Joys & Woes


I started playing golf this summer. I joined for one respectable reason:  a whole new world of clothes and accessories. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Stop judging. I was once like you. Jim said he was going to buy a new pair of golf shoes earlier this summer, and in the interest of full disclosure I will say-at the time-I was mocking him or judging him. Ok both. Then, I saw him wearing them on the golf course, and everything changed. They were beautiful and he was beautiful, and a new passion was born.

The next weekend was my birthday, so you can guess what I wanted. Jim bought me my very first pair of Foot Joys. That’s right, the beautiful shoes? The brand name is Foot Joy. How perfect is that! Once I saw how cute the shoes could be, my eyes were opened to the beautiful plaid shorts, and the hats, and the gloves…sigh…life is wonderful. [Side note: so far, gotta say I’m not much a golf skirt girl, but never say never. Dang you, Justin Beiber.]


As for the actual game, life has been a little less wonderful. Fun, yes. Awe inspiring, no. The top 8 things I wish I would have known before starting:

  1. Don’t chat with your golfing buddies while your other golfing buddy is swinging. Golfers get cranky.
  2. Don’t drive your cart on the fairway too close to the greens. Grounds people get cranky.
  3. Don’t believe that there will be a hidden talent miraculously unleashed in you the second you step out on the course.
  4. The golfers in your life don’t care that you have no apparent talent. They are just happy that you are out there trying. They will try and remind you of this often when you are having a meltdown.
  5. If your meltdown persists, they will say you are not allowed to hit another ball until you have a better attitude.
  6. Remember the first hole stinks if there is anyone watching you, and I mean anyone: men, women, children. Your pride does not discriminate. Actually, most holes stink when anyone is watching. Get over this fear as quickly as possible. Just be thankful when you don’t miss the ball entirely.
  7. Never golf with your father in law and your brother in law for the first time on a gigantic 18 hole course after only golfing for a month and only using 3 clubs. You will embarrass yourself and end up calling your sister in law to pick you up at the club house after only playing the first nine.
  8. Be thankful you have so many opportunities to learn humility.



Colour Parade! Hooray!

This last weekend, my dream finally came true. No, not the one where I sing on Broadway. This was even better! …well, close. I had my very own colourful bike parade. A few friends obliged me in my little aspiration and joined me for the fun. Jim is especially the unsung hero in these photos. He rode ahead on his motorcycle and took pictures along the route, including the final beautiful shots on the Stone Arch Bridge. Collective happy sigh.

If you would like to participate in this soon to be annual colourful parade to destinations unknown, please let me know! I would have told more people about it this year, but I was so self-conscious I almost cancelled it altogether. What will the neighbors think? I actually think I reverted to fifth grade when I didn’t know how to curl my bangs without getting that nasty crease right through the middle! Then, the day of colour arrived, and it was everything I had hoped for. I was sad you weren’t there for the fun! So please mark your calendars for July 28, 2012 for more colourful abandon!


Cryssy’s COLOURFUL Wedding

All Rights Reserved SCK

My friend Cryssy had one of the most fun, whimsical, entertaining weddings I have ever attended.  They couldn’t have picked a more beautiful location in Montana.  Shane and Cryssy certainly know how to throw a party!   They celebrated their nuptials Montana style in a barn with the mountains as a back drop.  Cryssy did not skimp in the details of this wedding.  She had face painting, caricature drawings, a magician, flame throwers, a ring master announcing all of the activities, hayrides with Clydesdale horses and a cowboy to boot!  Here are a few pictures taken by Seth.  You can see we had a great time and truly felt honored to be part of their great day.  Cryssy and Shane I wish you a life time of fun and happiness.  If your wedding is an indicator of your relationship, which I know it is, you have many years of adventure and COLOUR ahead of you!  I love you both!

If you are curious of any of their vendors, here is a list below.

Barn:  Lazy B Farm

Face painting/Ring master: Cryssy’s very own business, Cryssy’s Characters

The Indomitable Spirit of the May Day Parade

My favorite part of living in Minnesota is the way we embrace spring. I tell myself if it didn’t get this cold, I wouldn’t appreciate spring nearly as much. Every May 1st, the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre welcomes spring along with thousands of others at their annual May Day Parade. This was my third time attending, and it was by far the coldest. I was wearing long underwear. We had snow flurries. Still, the artistry of the costumes, the floats, and the music made the three layers of blankets worth it. I was completely inspired.  Please, the people and dog watching alone kept me entertained during the blustery day!

(Nancy, Joby, and I took the pictures below.)


Colour is in Style

METROVELVET has kindly given us permission to add some COLOUR to our wardrobes this spring.  Aren’t you glad spring is here?  

Lucky Colours

My sister sent me a link to this ridiculously colourful blog, Lucky So and So, by Jessi Arrington, and I instantly fell in love. I have never seen such vibrant outfits, and what’s even better? They are each organized into colourful categories.  An avid shopper, she stylizes all sorts of great finds from second hand markets into whimsical and cheery outfits. My favorite post is her description of traveling a week with only her undies, which she dyed a different colour for each day of the week. Upon arrival to her destination, she adventurously supplemented her wardrobe from local consignment shops. Anyone willing to dye her skivvies to add some color to their lives was meant to be my pal. Please, Jessi, let’s be friends!


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