Sticks and Stones and Porkchops

The girl I used to nanny for, who isn’t a little girl anymore, posted this incredibly moving video of visual art and haunting poetry. I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind, and it has forced me to think about my own childhood. I have thought about specific people that I had bullied in middle school, where I was the oppressor, and I also thought of specific people that bullied me. They are as fresh in my head as today’s cup of coffee. I am not sure what I want this post to be exactly. Is it a public confession of all the people I have ever teased? Is it an effort to absolve all those times I didn’t treat a person as a human being, worthy of dignity and respect. Is it a confrontation of the people that scarred and hurt me growing up? To be honest, I am not sure. What I am sure about, is this movie clip is absolutely moving, vulnerable, and painfully honest. I am not sure how to apologize for my childhood self. Okay let’s face it, even my adulthood self, but I am sorry. I am sorry for all of my karate chops.

Here is a link to the transcript.


One thought on “Sticks and Stones and Porkchops

  1. Melissa says:

    Wow. I just watched this video. Twice. So beautiful. I love the part about not being stranded on the side of life’s highway, and if we are, it’s only because we are walking to get gas. Thanks for sharing, Nancy.

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