My Birthday Anthem

Happy Birthday to me! I decided to pick a song for my birthday, heck, for the next year. And Dog Days are Over is the winner. Congratulations, Florence, would you like to make a speech? Call me.

It is my absolute favorite song, evidenced by the fact that is has been on constant repeat. Constant. I’m listening to it while I run, while I clean, while I dance, while I cry, while I drive. And yes, I know that the song is not even on Florence and the Machine’s newest album, but have I ever been one to be current on music? Just the other day, some tweens had to tell me that I was listening to a Michael Jackson song. Yes, I cried a little inside.

***Update: I just went for a birthday run (CLOTHED!), and listened to my anthem to finish it off. It was tough and hot and my face was refusing to sweat, so I pretended the people in the video below were throwing glitter at me too to cheer me on. Just as the run finally ended, it started to rain. I swear it was as epic as Shawshank! My hands were extended into the heavens. I’m sure I looked just like Andy, minus the poo and the shirtless-ness. Andy’s classic quote seems rather fitting too on this the day of my birth: “Get busy living or get busy dying.”



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5 thoughts on “My Birthday Anthem

  1. I have a post with this song! TWINS! And ironically it was just after my birthday… but I did a HS dance number to the song.


  2. mariaholloway says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday to you, Melissa!!!
    I want you to know how very much I admire your strength and your willingness to tackle your fears head on. You, my dear, would make Andy proud…you’re definitely someone who is busy living!
    I hope you’re having a fantastic birthday.
    -Maria 🙂

  3. Tracy says:

    I love that your run finished with some rain…how perfect after a tough run! You make me smile Melissa! I hope this next year is great to you!

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