Beautiful Gaudi: Park Güell

As many of you know, I went to Spain this summer.  I was initially really excited about all of the blog posts I could do from my trip and simultaneously feeling paralyzed because of everything I saw.  I wasn’t sure where to start or what to pick.  I decided to go through my pictures, and pick pictures that correspond to the spirit of our blog.  Instantly, I knew where I needed to start:  Antoni Gaudí.  You can’t go anywhere in Spain without seeing the hand of Gaudi.  He has shaped, constructed, and influenced the feel and style of Barcelona.  His creativity and forward thinking has left an indelible mark.  The first place I will start is Park Güell.

Colour is everywhere in this quaint park:  bright flowers, vivid mosaics that put Philly to shame, and of course people as different as all of the pieces of glass that make up his mosaics, all gathering in one location to be apart of his artwork.  People say his architecture and art is, dare I say, gaudy.  I think his architecture is out of this world.  Anytime I was looking at his artwork, I would remind myself this art was from the early 1900s!  He was ahead of his time and embraced who he was without shame.   I think many people might think his art work was out of control; however, even in the midst of his jaw dropping, chaotic pieces there is calm and a strong sense of control.  Here in Park Güell is where he displays control and subtlety to lure the viewer through his space.  The balcony that overlooks the park is very plain on the outside, compared to some of his other work, yet underneath the balcony there are these beautiful mosaics that adorn the underbelly.  I love that you have to traverse all parts of his architecture.  He forces you to interact with the space.  There is always something to find, always meaning hidden in his controlled chaos.

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4 thoughts on “Beautiful Gaudi: Park Güell

  1. mariaholloway says:

    Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing, Nancy…looking forward to seeing more pics. 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    I want these mosaics in my house! Think we could recreate them? They could be my kitchen backsplash! haha!

  3. Melissa says:

    The last one is my favorite. It’s delicious!

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