Future Owner of the Good Ship Lollipop

I told my mother when I was little that my three favorite foods were Sugar, Brown Sugar, and Powdered Sugar. My dentist adored me. I actually remember wishing that I was more like my little friend in middle school whose favorite food was raw artichoke leaves. I’m still amazed by that. She clearly had advanced taste buds. Meanwhile I thought the world would be perfect if only Skittles had nutritional value. Instead, I developed an affinity for the finer things of life: refined sugar.

In high school my best chum Joy and I developed the associated skills with consuming candy correctly. Yes, there is a proper way to eat the various candy groups (sour, powdered, chocolate, etc.). There may be those among us that can tell you how to drink a glass of wine without offending the bourgeoisie, but as a candy aficionado, I can definitively tell you there is only way to eat a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or a Twix Caramel Bar. (Tutoring is available upon request.)

As I’ve matured (read: aged), I’ve tried to cut back on my lovely little delicacies, but occasionally I find myself wandering back to the candy aisle to mingle with the sweet treats. Fun Dip. Sour Patch Kids. Pop Rocks. Big League Chew. Candy Necklaces. Could there be anything more … sigh…delightful? You can imagine my favorite movie, I’m sure. Perhaps my true destiny is to open a candy shop!

Thanks to Nancy and Jim who took the photos below of my candy buffet. Please note: It is called a candy buffet.  A candy bar while a fun pun is just too confusing. Jim thought I was serving a single candy bar for dessert. I think his exact words were, “Well, that’s a little random.”

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4 thoughts on “Future Owner of the Good Ship Lollipop

  1. Sarah says:

    What a beautifully colourful candy buffet! Ha… I used to love plain brown sugar and powdered sugar, too. USED to, of course…

  2. gymdeeds says:

    We both need to go to the dentist after all the candy our guests left behind!

  3. Joy says:

    oh my goodness! I LOVE this little piece on candy-loving, and that you included me in it! Sending hugs…

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