Colour Tracy Chapman’s World

I’ve been obsessed with Tracy Chapman lately. I love her voice. But to be honest, I thought she was dead. Isn’t that horrible!? In my defense, you all know I came to “secular” music rather late in life. So, as far as I knew she was ancient. I had no time context whatsoever in which to place her. I had never really seen any pictures of her except for the little tiny album covers that pop up on Pandora which frankly don’t quite convey a person’s age adequately much less their current life status. What a pleasant surprise to google her and discover she is very much alive and youthful. Even better, I checked out her website; it’s interactive. You literally get to “colour your world.”  Go play on her website! Each link has a new page to colour, and at the same time, you can listen to one of her songs!



4 thoughts on “Colour Tracy Chapman’s World

  1. Jim says:

    How can you not love Tracy? Plus her website was practicallly made for you!

  2. Cheryl Fielitz says:

    Melissa…you crack me up! She is one of my all time faves, too. When she comes to town, you MUST see her. She was at St. Kate’s last year and it was one of the most amazing shows I’ve seen!

  3. Nancy says:

    I am in love with her website! Thanks for posting it! I could see myself getting very distracted by this website!

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