Add COLOUR to your kitchen

I was online looking for some COLOURFUL kitchen utensils.  I spotted these beauties from Horchow.  Not only do you add a little COLOUR to your boring kitchen, but you can personalize the handle with up to 28 characters!  I thought this could be a perfect gift for mom or a friend!  They are only 25.o0 for 3 spatulas.  Click on the picture below to buy these GORGEOUS spatulas!

click here

I also spotted these prep bowls.  These could add a nice touch of COLOUR to any kitchen.  They are currently on sale for 14.99.  What a great deal!   Click on the image below to purchase these bowls!

I recently purchased my first french press.  You will never guess which COLOUR I bought….  I love my Bodum and it is green.  What could be better?  Click below to see more fabulous COLOURS!

One thought on “Add COLOUR to your kitchen

  1. Jim says:

    You are evil! Melissa will own all of these soon I’m sure. How dare you dangle a carrot in front of an addict like that!

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