Do GIRLZ run the world?

I am always stunned and caught off guard when people make comments like racism is gone, we have a black president.  People also like to make sweeping generalizations about gender as well.  Women are doctors, lawyers, police officers, etc., there isn’t sexism anymore .  Women get diluted when they are very young with “talk” about how girls and boys are equal, but the reality hits hard when they find themselves educated and in their professional career and are making less than a man in that same position despite equal qualifications.

My dad always treated me and my sister like he would a son.  He played basketball with us, he told us we could do anything we wanted, but unfortunately if there are systems in place that actively or passively discriminate against women, all the wishful, positive thinking isn’t going to breakdown the barrier of oppression.

Nicolas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn are co-authors of Half the Sky, and the two of them wrote this book to bring awareness about the oppression of women all over the globe.  Their book confirms over and over again that education is the most effective tool for women to control their fate and destiny.  I would advocate not only women obtaining education,  but also educating the public about the gender disparities that still go on today despite the many advances that have taken place.

The below video is a girl challenging the lyrics in Beyonce’s song run the world (girls).  Do Girlz really run the world?  What is the reality of being female in the 21st century?

One thought on “Do GIRLZ run the world?

  1. Jim says:

    Tsk tsk Beyonce…but then again your man did say he has “99 problems but a b**** ain’t one”, so you don’t exactly have the best input from those closest to you. Sure write anthems calling for girl power, just dont pretend it’s already a reality.

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