who said bus stops need to be drab?

Jim recently came home and described the bus stop next to the KMOJ station, telling me that it was a “colourize your world” place. I literally had NO idea what he was talking about. Even though as it turns out, I’d driven by this particular bus stop a hundred times and still had never noticed it. I’d been so fixated on the road and on my own life, that I completely missed these gigantic flowers adorning the street. What strikes me is just how unobservant I can be, and just how easy it is to do this everyday–to leave the beauty in the world unappreciated.

North Minneapolis has had a positive impact in my life, and yet I’ve frequently heard people disparage this community. Sure, I can admit that things happen here on occasion, but that’s only one small part of the story. Living here, I am privy to all the amazing things that people do to make our neighborhood a great place to be. I’m inspired to be a better person by the artists that brighten up bus stops, by the people that prayed for me when my pups were stolen and I was a sobbing mess, by the non-profit organizations that have been born in this community, by the folks that stop to chat with me while I’m walking the dogs, and by the activists that daily work for justice. Still, how often have I neglected to see these small and large acts of colour?

Photo by Jim

Photo by Jim

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4 thoughts on “who said bus stops need to be drab?

  1. Jim says:

    So much for North being a place devoid of beauty and value. I love my neighborhood! It’s just like all those people that think Minnesota is the same as the North Pole or something. Sure there’s snow in winter and it can be cold sometimes, but it’s so much more then that! But if you can’t see past the stereotypes then you don’t deserve to experience the beauty that is North Minneapolis. Stay in your bourgeois neighborhood with your coma of a community and your cookie cutter house. Turn your nose up at my hood and think I’m crazy for living here. Just because you drive by the beauty every day and don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

  2. Nancy says:

    I have never seen those! What beautiful pictures! They are GORGEOUS!

  3. tkoesel says:

    I drive by that bus stop everyday…love it. Great pics.

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