good samaritans spreading COLOUR


Copyright Peter Leverman

I was at work this morning reading one of those trashy magazines that reveal what stars really look like without their layers of makeup and airbrushed thighs.  I could slowly feel the neurons die in my brain, but I was shocked to actually find an inspiring story, and dare I say that a People article made me tear up?

Allen Large developed a routine that started in 1983.  He would purchase two lottery tickets every week in Nova Scotia.  Little did Allen know that his dedication, despite the impossible odds, would pay off and make him and Violet, his wife, millionaires.

The story gets better.  Violet was in remission from ovarian cancer, and they decided to give back to the community that helped Violet regain her health.   Instead of keeping all of the money and having a secure retirement, they gave ALL of the money away!  I would like to hope I would be as generous as they have been if I were ever in that situation.  I started to think how can I be generous with what I do have.  Maybe I don’t have millions of dollars, but maybe I can donate my time or an amount of money that would make a difference in peoples lives even if it isn’t in the millions.

Information from Lorenzo Benet, People magazine.

4 thoughts on “good samaritans spreading COLOUR

  1. Melissa says:

    That photograph of the sweet little couple is incredible. I just looked at the link you posted of Peter’s photography. HIs work is breathtaking.

  2. Jim says:

    How about hooking up the Jim Dietz College Loan fund??

  3. Becky Dietz says:

    That is one of the sweetest “little old people” picture I have ever seen! I walked away talking to myself, “See, young love is highly over rated. Just saying …”

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