Shoes with Science: newton running

Previously, I wrote a post about Newton running shoes because I was in love with all of their COLOURFUL shoes.  I had no idea that their technology’s goal was to mimic barefoot running.  I am definitely not ready to run barefoot, nor am I ready to run with the 5 finger shoes; however, if you want to get to a more natural running stride without having to compromise your newly pedicured feet this could be an option.  My partner and I bought our new brightly couloured newtons last week.  Here they are in all of their glory.  I ran a 15k in Jacksonville Florida with my new kicks, and I have to confess I didn’t train at all for this race.  Usually when my training is lacking, my knees will ache after a run.  After the Jacksonville Gate River Run, my calf muscles and quads hurt like they have never been worked before.  Apparently, when you heel strike you are actually stopping your momentum and putting strain on your knees and joints.  My knees didn’t hurt at all, so it appears that all the right muscles were sore.  The Newton technology helps you to not heel strike; therefore encouraging a more natural running stride.  Did I mention you can get 500 miles out of these shoes?

Photos by Seth and Nancy

2 thoughts on “Shoes with Science: newton running

  1. Melissa says:

    Oh my gosh….will you hate me if I get the exact same pair? I’m in love with them. I know they will help me return to running after my 5 month hiatus!

    Love the pictures too. Pretty, pretty!

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