built lunch bags

I am perpetually grossed out by yes, the scary world of lunch bags. They are often that nasty vinyl plastic, which is nearly impossible to get clean. Or if you do somehow manage to wipe it down successfully, it never seems to dry. I’m convinced mildew instantly begins growing, ready at any moment to attack my precious sustenance. Even if all germs are avoided, there are still the stains reminding me of my previous leftovers. Gotta love marinara.

I’ve tried the brown paper bags or even recycled gift bags, but then inevitably a container leaks and my bag threatens to rip open for the remainder of the day. For those of us that want to opt out of the brown paper bag option, it seems we are left with only a few choices. I for one choose Built Bags. They are made out of neoprene and insulate your food for up to four hours. In addtion, they are ridiculously expandable. Recently, I needed to bring snacks to share with a group that met at my work. I comfortably squeezed a bag of baby carrots, a container of hummus, a carton of grapes, and a pint size box of chocolate almonds all into one average sized Built bag. The best part of all is that they are machine washable and stain resistant. That alone makes this purchase worth it. Built also has bags available for all your tech candy needs, but frankly I say at the very least protect your lunch!


One thought on “built lunch bags

  1. Jim says:

    Plus you look super cutie carrying them! Don’t lie! You know you said “super cute” at least three times when you first saw these!

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