Our COLOURFUL human planet

Link Source: BBC Human Planet


The BBC has created an eight part series that brings us all over the world to see amazing places, traditions that have been untouched, and the beauty of humanity.  Timothy Allan, a photographer, took breathtaking pictures along the way.  Please check out his blog and see his artwork.  His pictures are quite spectacular, and he really went to great lengths to get many of his shots along the way.

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4 thoughts on “Our COLOURFUL human planet

  1. Jim says:

    Wow! That eagle one was awesome!

    • nmramer says:

      crazy huh? I saw the picture first and the label said hunting with eagles. I was thinking how do they do that??? It’s really quite the site to behold. 🙂

  2. tkoesel says:

    So great, I want to see more! I guess I could buy the series huh?! Thanks for posting these.

  3. Melissa says:

    These videos are so amazing. I can’t wait until the DVD comes out.

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