i’ll cook for this

So, I’m not in the kitchen that often, but I will take any excuse to wear this bit of eye candy. For Christmas, my mom made my sis-in-law, my year-old niece, and me matching aprons. Not only that, she made them to match our respective kitchens. I love that extra attention to detail that she’s known for. I wore the apron for a recent book club evening, and Nancy snapped these fantastic photos for me.


3 thoughts on “i’ll cook for this

  1. smbcoffee says:

    Aw, I love them! I hadn’t realized that they were made to match our kitchens. Now I need a photo of our aprons on my blog!

  2. nmramer says:

    Your mother needs to make more of these aprons and sell them! They are soooooo cute! I would cook all of the time if I had a cute apron like that! Carolyn, I would like to place my order now. 🙂 I mean Mrs. Lund… 😉

  3. tkoesel says:

    Dude, I want one! Adorable!

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