it all started with a frenchman

And perhaps it really did. Already two years ago now, we were eating lunch in a sweet little cafe during a quick break from work, stealing time away to chat with an old friend . We were contemplating our lives and questioning suffering and faith. In the middle of what was probably my bemoaning some new trouble, the frenchman approached our table. Of course, I assumed he needed something frivolous like salt, but instead he said in what can only be described as a prophetic tone,

“You need to embrace colour in your lives.”

And that was it. It’s strange how so many events collide simultaneously producing one effect. I can’t say it was because of the frenchman, but he did encapsulate the force that had been growing within us: the desire to discover the meaning of life for ourselves. To actually go out looking for it. To live. I think it was at that moment that we confirmed that yes, we needed to colourize our world:











2 thoughts on “it all started with a frenchman

  1. nmramer says:

    When I read your post, I am amazed at how future focused I have been throughout my life. Thanks again for forcing me to live in the now and cherish the present.

  2. tkoesel says:

    I love this! I think life can feel so Ho Hum sometimes, especially in the winter, and I particularly have been in a “crabby” funk lately. This is a great reminder for me to stop and look at the good things in my life, because there are MANY!

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